This is my first entirely self produced album that I released on all the streaming platforms.  Beach tells the story of a metaphorical experience that presents the listener with many of the issues surrounding the process of defining one’s own personal meaning. I tried to focus on challenges that many people face as we all move through this beautiful struggle called life. The human experience is vast and mysterious, and I believe that by exploring and knowing ourselves, we can find deeper connections with others. This is the goal of this project; I honestly relate my own personal story with the hope that other people may be going through something similar.

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Album Credits:

Artistic Team: Mainstay (Jeen Na, Aaron Porter, Aaron Covrett, Isaac Taracks)

Additional Instrumental performances:

Violin: Zachary Piper

Cello: Boris Popadiuk

Trumpet: Jesse Klirsfield

Sax (Real Eyes, Self Titled): Derrick Dymalski

Sax (Celebrate, Overgrown): Sean Johnson

Mastering by Justin Weis at Trakworx studios